Werner Sombart

Werner Sombart (born 19 January 1863 in Ermsleben, died 18 May 1941 in Berlin) - German sociologist and economist, head of the younger 'historical school' and one of the greatest social thinkers of the first half of the 20th century.

Between 1906 and 1909 Werner Sombart commissions the construction of a house, in the former Schreiberhau present-day Szklarska Poręba. The commission is accepted by the well-known architect Fritz Schumacher.

The Sombart house had a plinth floor, built of granite blocks. Its rectangular outline was interrupted on the garden side by a risalit. The entrance façade on the north-south side, characterised by multi-parted windows and wooden shingles on the second floor, displayed the features of a suburban villa/.../.

The risalit, which houses the library, also dominates the internal division of the house." The two-storey rounded hall forms the heart of the entire layout, and it is only around this temple of the master of the house that the modest wreath of rooms intended for his wife and four vivacious daughters extends, "wrote Schumacher in his memoirs.

Illuminated by rectangular windows, the library occupied the space above the plinth floor and ground floor, with a door on the central axis leading directly into the garden. Schumacher also designed, oak bookcases of refined elegance. which have survived to this day. /.../

The remaining rooms of the plinth floor were used for business purposes, the guest room and dining room were located on the ground floor next to the large study /.../.

The area around the villa was called the beech grove by Werner, the cascading, well-tended garden complemented the whole. The extensive grounds were overgrown with beech trees, rhododendrons and rare plant species.

In 1921 Carl Hauptmann, a long-time friend of Werner Sombart, dies, perhaps this influenced the decision to leave Schreiberhau. On his return to Berlin, Werner's wife dies. By this time, each of his four daughters, already has a family of their own. Werner, on the other hand, marries the thirty years younger Corina (née Leon), daughter of a Romanian aristocrat. From his second marriage Werner had two children. A son, Nikolaus, born 1923, an economist and sociologist, dies in 2008, and a daughter, Ninetta Sombart, born 1925, a painter.

Werner's grave is located in Berlin. In the same place, his second wife Corina and son Nikolaus rest.

After 1945, Werner's Villa was taken over by the FWP (workers' holiday fund). It functioned as the holiday home "Jutrzenka" and was then leased by the Eye Microsurgery Clinic "Wzrok" under the name OKO III for almost twenty years.

The building, which is in a condition far removed from its original, is purchased by Adriana and Sebastian Wasila. At a huge financial outlay, a complete renovation is carried out, restoring the former glory of the post-German Villa. In 2014, an extension of the building was carried out. Since 2015, the Hotel ***Villa Wernera & SPA, enlarged by a swimming pool and a conference centre, has been in operation.

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