Święto Niepodległości w Karkonoszach

A bit of Tatra climate in the Krkonoše Mountains


On hot summer weekends, we recommend excursions along shady trails

śnieżne stawki

Snowy Stakes from Szklarska Poręba and back

wysoki kamień

Wysoki Kamień (The High Stone)

A peak 1058 m above sea level overlooking Szklarska Poręba from the west and situated in the High Crest of The Izery Mountains. There are characteristic picturesque rocks at the top from which one of the most beautiful panoramas of The Sudety Mountains can be admired. The following ranges are visible from this point: The Karkonosze Mountains, The Rudawy Janowickie Mountains, The Izery Mountains, The Izerskie Plateau, The Kaczawskie Mountains, The Kaczawskie Palteau and Jelenia Góra Valley.

Wysoki Kamień can be accessed by red trail (GSS) from Szklarska Poręba to Świeradów Zdrój and yellow trail from Szklarska Poręba Dolna (Lower Szklarska Poręba) through Zakręt Śmierci (The Death Turn).

How to get to the High Stone from the Werner’s Villa Hotel?

From our hotel to the entrance to the trail for “high stone” separates us only 200 m. After leaving the hotel you will see signs leading to this unique place.
wodospad kamieńczyka

Wodospad Kamieńczyka (Kamienczyk Waterfall)

The highest waterfall in Sudetes. The waterfall forms a three-level cascade 27 m high. Behind the middle waterfall cascade there is a cave called ‘Złota Jama’ (‘Golden Cave’) hammered by the Walloons and famous for pegmatite and amethyst stones concentration. Before the Second World War Kamienczyk Waterfall had a status of the monument of nature.

Grota ta jest nazywana Złotą Jamą. Przed II wojną światową Wodospad Kamieńczyka posiadał status pomnika przyrody, obecnie jest to teren ochrony ścisłej, wchodzący w skład Karkonoskiego Parku Narodowego.

At present it is a strictly protected object within the National Karkonoszy Park. Below the waterfall’s level there is a 100 m long gorge, with the width about 15 m near the waterfall and at some parts less than 3 meters. The rocky walls reaching over 25 m in height.

How to get to the Kamienczyk Waterfall from the Werner’s Villa Hotel??

Head towards the town and take a road to Jakuszyce (about 300 m out of the town).

wodospad szklarki

Wodospad Szklarki (Szklarka Waterfall)

The second highest waterfall (27 m) in Polish Karkonoszy.

The Szklarka Waterfall is situated on a rocky threshold 520 m above sea level and its stream is 13,3 m high. Its water cascades down narrowing and turning spirally at the bottom. The waterfall and its surrounding area forms The Karkonoski National Park Enclave.

Die Behinderten können auch zum dem Wasserfall kommen.

How to get to Szklarka Waterfall from the Werner’s Villa Hotel?

Head towards the town in direction to Jelenia Gora (Jeleniogorska st., car trip recommended) and stop at the parking along the souvenirs market.

From there follow the signs leading to the waterfall.

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